L. E. Klein Company has built the leading Hearth and BBQ grill Distributor in the Southwest on the principle of relationship. With over 50 years of experience, you can count on us to bring you:

  • One-Stop Shopping

  • Personalized Customer Service

  • Fast and Accurate Shipping

One-Stop Shopping

Everything you need is under one roof. From high-end grills to the hottest designer fireplaces to wood stoves and gas stoves.  Plus all the accessories you need for installation and service. You get fast & accurate shipping of over 600,000 items.

Personalized Customer Service

Our sales staff works with you to create solutions that fit your business. We offer marketing plans, co-op advertising, live-burn programs and more. From administrative staff to warehouse personnel, from sales to tech support, our team is dedicated to your success. And we give you the courteous and efficient customer service you deserve.

Fast and Accurate Shipping

Each order is double checked by two people for accuracy.  Most in stock orders ship within 24 hours.

At L. E. Klein Company, we know when you succeed, we succeed.


Wholesale Only No Retail Sales



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Geoff Lucke

Regional Sales Manager
North, Central & South Texas (incl. DFW, Austin & San Antonio)
[email protected]


Richard Salopek

Regional Sales Manager
Oklahoma & Arkansas
[email protected]


Linda Black

Regional Sales Manager
East TX, LA & Houston
[email protected]


Leanna Richey

[email protected]


Chase Petersen

Sales & Customer Service
[email protected]


Rich Cross

Senior Sales Representative & Customer Service
[email protected]



Joe Gillespie

Customer Service, Order Status,

Backorder & Drop Ship Order Status
[email protected]


Eric McKinney

Warehouse Manager

[email protected]


Davon Morrison

Assistant Warehouse Manager


Jaxon Atwood

Warehouse - Shipping & Receiving


Bill Gillespie

Collections Manager
[email protected]


Esther Sears

Accounting Manager
[email protected]


Lawrence "LJ" Johnston

Operations Manager
[email protected]


Andrew Atwood

President & CEO
[email protected]



We are stocked to the ceiling with current inventory.

Every part of the warehouse is kept clean and organized.

Our customers love our prompt same day shipping.

City sales area inside the warehouse